Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Grant, Vicki. The puppet wrangler

Grant, Vicki. The puppet wrangler. Orca, 2004 [1-55143-304-4]
Telly's sister is always getting in trouble so their parents decide to send Telly to spend the summer with her Aunt who is the producer for a children's puppet show. After being accidentally locked in the studio one night Telly discovers that on the puppets is actually alive. She takes the puppet to the Mall and eventually on a wild adventure. The puppet is wild, mad and unpredictable but not evil as the puppet in Magrs' "The good, the bat, and the ugly." This 212 page book is a riot! I actually laughed out loud several times while I was reading it. Grant uses cute footnotes in the book to clarify things which at times I found a little irritating, but overall, I absolutely loved this book! When the book was all over, I wondered a little whether the puppet was really alive or it was all in Telly's imagination.


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I read this book in english class and then do a huge book report on was a spectacular novel!

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