Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cooney, Caroline B. Tune in anytime

Cooney, Caroline B. Tune in anytime.Laurel-Leaf, 2001 [0-440-22798-4]

Sophie's life is like a soap opera. Her mother is strange.. likes fad things like pyramids and haunted stones (her father calls the mother a pyramidiot.) The father can't take it any more and falls in love with a new woman. Unfortunately is Sophie's sister's room mate at college. Now her father is divorcing her mother for another woman who is only a couple years older than she. Then of course, Sophie falls in love with a boy whose family owns the gravel pit where her mother's latest craze (circle of stones) resides. So much is happening in this 186 page book, it does feel like a soap opera where the reader can "Tune in anytime." It is a fun book but very different than Cooney's usual books.


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