Sunday, July 09, 2006

Horowitz, Anthony. Eagle strike

Horowitz, Anthony. Eagle Strike [Alex Rider #4]. Speak/Penguin, 2004 [0-14-240292-3]

In this fourth book Alex once again gets tangled in a web intrigue. On vacation with a friend's family in France Alex spots the assassin who killed his Uncle. The place where they are staying is blown up so Alex fallows the assassin and gets his cell which helps trace the plot to an international rock star/philanthropist. In this adventure Alex gets mixed up and mastermind criminal and an ultimate video game. At end of this 322 page book Alex gets some clues about his Uncle's death which lead us into the next book. Once again Horowitz has written a story of a young "James Bond" with gadgets, car chases, and a master criminal. This series a very popular with my middle school kids.


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