Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wynne-Jones, Tim. A thief in the House of Memory

Wynne-Jones, Tim. A thief in the House of Memory. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005 [0-374-37478-3]
Sixteen-year-old Dec's mother disappeared years ago. He now lives with his father and his girlfriend in a new house just below the family's Canadian estate, now just locked up and kept clean for historical purposes. Dec's father is very tight-lipped about his mother but one day a shelf falls on a burglar in the estate house and Dec begins having dreams of his mother. This 210 page book is slow starting but once the reader gets involved in Dec's mystery and starts to believe his doubts about what happened to his mother, he/she suddenly gets wrapped up in the story. This book is a mystery wrapped up in a family secret. Overall I liked the book when I finished it. I have no idea if this Tim is related to Diana Wynne-Jones.


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I love this book so far i love it so far! i can't whaite until i find out who killed the man in the house!!! if you haven't read it read it now go git it! why are you reading this go git it! i'm stoping typeing so you can go get the book!

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