Sunday, September 17, 2006

Parkinson, Curtis. Sea chase.

Parkinson, Curtis. Sea chase. Tundra Books, 2004 [0-88776-682-x]
Fifteen-year-old Brodie and his father sail off across the Caribbean. On board one morning when Brodie wakes up, he finds his father is gone ... man overboard. He sails back over their trip and still can't find him so he decides to head for the nearest land, Colombia. As he pulls into the harbor he sees his father being dragged off a trawler. He has heard of the crime and kidnapping in Colombia so Brodie tries to find his father. Eventually he makes a friend of a local kid playing soccer who decides to help Brodie with the help of his extended family. Most of this 185 page book is the adventure of trying to find Brodie's father and getting involved with this family. The ending of the major part of the story is a little predictable but the very end of the book adds a twist which I did not find believable. The cover makes the book look like a sea adventure, while most of it is not. Most readers should like the adventure in Colombia.


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