Sunday, October 22, 2006

Meacham, Margaret. Mid-semester night's dream

Meacham, Margaret. Mid-semester night's dream. Holiday House, 2004 [0-8234-1815-4]
Morgan is in 7th grade and is google-eyed over over Ben (although he doesn't know it.) One night she sees a glowing in her room and finds out that a fairy in-training as been assigned to her. Of course Morgan wants the fair to cast a love spell so Ben will be infatuated with her and ask her to the dance. What follows are a series of miscast spells which create all kinds of awkward situations. This 154 page book is a humorous story written for the wrong audience. Much of the antics that Morgan goes through are more appropriate for a 5th or 6th grader and to top it all off, the print of the book is large which gives the book an elementary feel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love this book can you please make another one , because i dont realy read but when i started reading this book i just couldn't stop please make another one!

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