Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meyer, Stephanie. Breaking Dawn #4

Meyer, Stephanie. Breaking dawn [Twilight #4] Little Brown, 2008 [0-316-06792-x // 978-0-316-06792-8]

In book four Bella and Edward, get engaged and married. They fly off to a secret home on an island to spend their honeymoon. Shortly after the honeymoon evening Bella shows signs of being pregnant. They both rush home and the child grows fast inside Bella. After a VERY violent birth, the child, Renesmee, is born. Bella remains human through the birth but in order to save her after the violent birth, she is made into a vampire. There is tension as Jacob, Sam and the local werewolves consider the age-old treaty now broken. That tension is partially resolved until it is learned that the Volturi are coming to rid the Earth of this abomination. This all builds to the final confrontation. This 754 page book is a satisfying conclusion to a well-written and very popular series. These books are not written for elementary students. Much has been said about the inappropriate nature of this book. I think it fits right in with the entire vampire series. The book shows after evidence of sex scenes but there is no description of the act.. except the discussion of bruises and broken pillows and bed. Later, there is mention of an all-night bedroom activity, but once again, not description. Bella and Edward are a loving couple and wait till after they are married. The birth scene is quite violent and gruesome, but in my opinion, not out of line with the whole series. Remember it is not written for elementary students. This is a good example of young adult books are creeping down to younger level because of their popularity. This is not the book or the author’s fault, but rather those who encourage younger readers to read it. I will get off my soap box. If you chose to have this series in your library, you need to have the whole thing. If you are in doubt, read it.


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