Friday, December 19, 2008

Brooks, Kevin. Being

Brooks, Kevin. Being. Scholastic/Push, 2007 [978-0439-90342-4 \\ 0-439-90342-4]
The story opens with Robert on an operating table getting an endoscope for stomach problems but what they find is alarming. There are strange things inside Robert that have been shielded from the earlier x-ray. Robert hears them planning to remove it while starting to submit the drugs but he never fully goes under and breaks out of the hospital. This an violent adventure as he teams up female friend of a former friend trying to stay away from the people who are after Robert. On this adventure the two fall in love with each other and have physical relations, not described although discussed. Robert tries to figure out what or who he is. I love the ending. This 323 book is another mind bending, suspenseful tale by Brook. Each book I have read by him is different yet so good. For middle school or high school suspense, you have have to have this and his other books.


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