Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Westerfeld, Scott. Specials

Westerfeld, Scott. Specials [Uglies #3] Simon Pulse, 2006 [0-689-86540-6//9780-689-86540-4]
In this final of the trilogy, Tally has been totally modified as a Cutter (a super Special Circumstances person.) Zane is still recovering from his brain damage from "the cure" and she wants him to also be modified as a Cutter. For that he has to prove himself so she and Shay set up a plan for Zane to prove himself to Dr.Cable. The plan does not go as it was set up because of behind the scene activities of Dr. Cable. Although a little slow in places, this 370 page book is an exciting end to the trilogy (finally a defined triology.) There is a slight opening for another book or series.. but this one is definitely over and one you should look at for your middle school and High School.


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