Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rennison, Louise. Startled by his furry shorts

Rennison, Louise. Startled by his furry shorts [#7 Confessions of Georgia Nicolson]. HarperTempest, 2006 [0-06-085385-3//0-06-085385-9]
The girls in your library who have been loving this series will just eat up this one also. Once again Georgia is falling in and out of love the Dave the Laugh, and two other love gods. Her fascination with the opposite sex and snogging continues as she continues to gossip about her and her friends escapades with her girl friends. Rennison continues to write in the fun and inventive way which has a way of hooking her readers. This book 278 page book though, I was about to say amounted to nothing until the l reached the last five pages. The largest bulk of the book is the silly rambling of Georgia and her wacky mind until the reader reaches the last few pages and the plot suddenly twists in several directions making you die for the next book. Louise Rennison has me (and I imagine all her readers) wrapped around her finger with her inventive writing.


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