Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baumwoll, Dale. There's no room for you, Maddie Morrison

Baumwoll, Dale. There's no room for you, Maddie Morrison. Neal Morgan, 2003 [0-9786117-0-5]
Maddie wants so bad to sit at the "right" lunch table at her middle school. She complains to her mother that she does just not understand to be a teenage girl. One day while shopping
at the mall, her mother finds the brand of lip gloss she used at a kid. That night Maddie tries it and sudden is sent back in time. Maddie is in her school at the time of her mother who happens to be trying so hard to sit at the "right table." She also meets a new teacher (who was an old teacher at her school.) By interacting with her mother as a girl and this new teacher, can Maddie change life in her own time? Will she ever get back to her own time. This 120 page book is an interesting twist on time travel and what can happen if you mess with time. If also has a good feel for life in a school but unfortunately the book is printed as if it was printed on a home printer. This format may turn off some readers.


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You probably have the first run proof of There's No Room for You, Maddie Morrison...I had one of those and loved the book and have recently purchased the new edition which is very easy to read because of it's clean font. I think young readers will be receptive to the book format which looks like a fun, interesting read. The book's story and message are great and that's what is important for adolescent readers!

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