Sunday, March 04, 2007

Prue, Sally. Cold Tom

Prue, Sally. Cold Tom. Scholastic, 2001 [0-439-48269-0]
Tom was one of the "Tribe" and he was becoming blind so they wanted to get rid of him. He wanders away from them and goes into the town of the "demons" Where he hides out with two young demons. When others came he would call down the stars and become invisible. The two demon friends were trying to figure out what he was... he could make himself invisible and his body was ice cold. One day when one of these demons (the reader now realizes they are human beings) tries to force Tom to become invisible, he blows up a house instead. Should Tom run back to the tribe where they want to kill him or should he stay with the demons where they just don't understand and are scared of him. This 187 page book starts out confusing the reader who slowly starts to figure things out. It is an interesting tale of people who are different and whether they can get along.


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