Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grant, Vicki. Dead-end job

Grant, Vicki. Dead-end job. Orca, 2005 [1-55143-378-8]
I enjoy Vicki Grant's writing and I feel this is her best effort yet. A High School girl, Frances has a boyfriend who can be jealous at times. One night as Frances is working the late shift at a convenience store a strange comes in a starts flirting with her. He has an interesting story about his life and is very interested in her life. Over the next few days he keeps running into Frances all over town. She tries to discourage him (she has a boyfriend she likes) but does not want to hurt his feelings. Unfortunately by being nice, she is also sending mixed messages to this strange guy. Before long Frances realizes he is stalking her and telling her lies. This 104 page book has an exciting conclusion -- I couldn't put it down and was nearly late for an appointment. It would be a great high interest low level book.


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