Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Myracle, Lauren. ttyl

Myracle, Lauren. ttyl. Amulet Books, 2004 [0-8109-8788-0]
Zoe, Maddie, and Angela are best friends as they enter 10th grade together. This book follows their lives, friendships, boyfriends, feelings, troubles, fun, parties, and life at school. What is special about the book is that it is entirely told in instant messages between the three girls. To make it easier to follow, each of the girls' messages are printed in a different type face. It is amazing just how wrapped up the reader can get in the lives of these girls just through their instant messages. This is a fun and heartwarming 209 page book but realize that it is about High School girls and they talk about concerns of girls that age so the book is not appropriate for elementary students. The author has another book, ttfn, written in the same style with the same girls. NOTE: Because of one paragraph early in the book, I have decided to send the book over to our High School. The book has a cute presentation which attracts 6th graders but there are things in the book (besides this one paragraph) just not appropriate for them.


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