Sunday, December 03, 2006

Scieszka, Jon. Me oh Maya

Scieszka, Jon. Me oh Maya [Time Warp Trio]. Viking, 2003 [0-670-03629-3]
Our friends, Joe, Sam, and Fred, are playing Basketball when suddenly they are whisked back in to to Mexico in the middle of a ring ball game where the loser is the next human sacrifice. Once again Scieszka takes us back in time in a humorous fasion using wordplay scattered with a bunch of facts. Here the Time Warp Trio has to trick the leader, Kakapupahed (Caca Poopoo Head) to a game which will help them win their time travel book back. This 70 page book (along with the others in the series) is a great high-interest low vocabulary read in which the reader is entertained and even learns something of history.


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