Sunday, November 19, 2006

Glenn, Mel. Foreign exchange

Glenn, Mel. Foreign exchange. Morrow, 1999 [0-688-16472-2]
This is another fiction book of Mr. Glenn 's which is written in a series of poems. It tells the story of a weekend HS exchange of students were some students are brought in from the city to a rural town for the weekend and their dance. One of the rural students (a popular blond girl) ends up murdered and the African American from the city is accused. The a series of poems told by many people in both towns (students, teachers, police, and other citizens) the story is charted out. By the use of poetry, this 158 page book gets the reader into the minds of the many characters who are dealing with fear, prejudice, jealousy, dating, gossip, and economic survival in a small town. You should be aware that this book deals with High School students and it talks about dating and making out in the back of cars (nothing very descriptive.) Once the reader gets into the medium of poetry, he/she will thoroughly wrapped up into the many characters minds and lives.


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