Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rifkin, L. The nine lives of Romeo Crumb: Life 3

Rifkin, L. The nine lives of Romeo Crumb: Life 3. Stratford Road Press, 2006 [0-9743221-2-1]
This is the story of the cat, Romeo Crumb's third life (out of nine.) Now the city is going through depression, everyone is short of money. The Alley cats have taken over the deserted factory where the sticks (domestic cats) used to hang out and are holding some sticks hostage. Romeo has to unite the cats to fight Fidel and the alleys to get back control but that will not be enough. Romeo succeeds to going down to the "vents" below the city were mutant animals (because of pollution) thrive. He unites them and some dogs to have a big battle and take back the factory. Romeo is a hero but when he gets very sick, is it so good to have nine lives? Each of the books have gotten harsher. The descriptions of the mutant cats and dogs in this 276 page book can be gross and the battles between the animals are bloody. It is not a cutesy cat story. I have several 8th grade boys who are into this series.


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