Sunday, December 03, 2006

Amesse, Susan. Kissing Brendan Callahan

Amesse, Susan. Kissing Brendan Callahan. Rolling Brook Press, 2005 [1-59643-015-X]
Sarah, a middle school student is a budding writer and she loves one particular romance writer. Sarah's mother is part is running a writing contest and of course Sarah can not enter. Meanwhile, she begins to see long-time best friend, Brendan in a different light. He gives her a quick kiss several times in the book and sparks fly. Sarah is astonished when her mother gets Sarah's favorite author to judge the writing contest and have her work as the author's assistant. This starts a huge tangled mess centered around the authors less than wonderful life. This 149 page book is a good read concerning a first love, struggles with a mother and daughter, and the realization that an idol may not be everything one thinks.


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