Saturday, December 02, 2006

Allison, Jennifer. Gilda Joyce: Ladies of the Lake

Allison, Jennifer. Gilda Joyce: Ladies of the Lake. Dutton, 2006 [0-525-47693-8]
Gilda gets accepted as a scholarship student at an exclusive girls High School. While there she discovers that a student drown in the lake three years earlier and her ghost may be haunting the school. Gilda's investigations into the situation discovers the circumstances surrounding the girls death and the implications of the discovery rock the foundations of the school. Meanwhile her single mother starts dating a guy who Gilda does not like. This is the second book in a series of Gild Joyce, Psychic Investigator series. Everyone is comparing this book to Harriet the Spy but it is much longer than those books and takes place in a HS. This 339 page book was a great read and I can wait to start the other one waiting for me in the pile. Unfortunately, it has a juvenile looking cover which may turn off some middle school or older students.


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