Monday, January 01, 2007

Peters, Julie Anne. Keeping you a secret.

Peters, Julie Anne. Keeping you a secret. Little, Brown, 2003 [0-316-00985-7]
It is Holland's last year in High School and she is having a physical relationship with her boyfriend which does not appear to be going anywhere. Then a new girl transfers into school who wears gay pride t-shirts. Holland is fascinated by her and eventually falls in love with her. This is the story of a passionate first love affair which happens to be between two girls. This 250 page book is the story of a girl falling wildly in love and also discovering her sexual identity. There is some description of the physical relationship but I was more uncomfortable with the descriptions of the boy/girl activities than the passionate romance between the two girls. The difficulties and implications of coming out are explored. For example Holland it thrown out of her house by her mother and ends up living in a shelter. This is not an easy book and I would only give it to mature students, but I think it is an important book to have.


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