Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meyer, Kai. Water Mirror [Dark reflections #1]

Meyer, Kai. Water Mirror [Dark reflections #1] McElderry/Simon & Schuster, 2005 [978-0689-87787-2/0-689-87787-0]
Meyer has created a fantasy world in Venice with mermaids, magic mirrors, walking and flying stone lions, and the devil. Two girls are taken from an orphanage to live in the house of a magical mirror maker. While there they are involved in a battle which rocks the very foundations of Venice. Unfortunately this 250 page book is book one in a series that is not a complete story. To finish the tale you must read the next book. I do not like this kind of series and although the author has created a wonderfully imaginative world, I will not purchase the next book unless a student requests it.


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hello there, about your comentary of the kai meyer book , I'd been reading it and it caught my interest but i can't fount out how does it end, is it true that Serafin dies??, sorry if you can't understand this but i speak spanish and i'm only 14 years old so i can't write in english freely...XD

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