Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Myracle, Lauren. The fashion disaster that changed my life

Myracle, Lauren. The fashion disaster that changed my life. Dutton, 2005 [0-525-47222-3]
Allison intended seventh grade to be her year of change. She was going to be noticed. Unfortunately she was noticed the first day of school when static cling made her mothers undies stick to her pants. Luckily she had her two true friends and the three of them helped each other trough anything until...Allison gets assigned to a partner in Science. Her partner was one of the "in crowd" and suddenly she has two sets of friends. This 135 page story is fairly common in literature. One of a set of friends finds new friends, gives her old friends less attention, they get mad, the new friends turn out to be jerks, then she has to go back to her former friends. Although it is a familiar plot, the author handles the life of seventh grade girls nicely and I am sure the book will be popular.


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