Monday, June 11, 2007

Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies

Westerfeld, Scott. Pretties [Uglies #2] Simon Pulse, 2005 [0-689-86539-2//978-0-689-86539-8]
In the second of this trilogy, Tally has had the pretty operation along with Shay. They are now living in the city world of pretties. David and his parents are still free and living with some other people outside the city. Tally has fallen in love with a new pretty, Zane. One of David's gang smuggle in the double-pill "cure" which the plan all along. In a rush to prevent capture, Tally and Zane each swallow one pill. They have fun becoming bubbly and finally escaping from the city (and Dr. Cable's gang of Specials.) Will Zane's headache's stop? Will Zane and Tally find David? What about Shay? This 370 page book once again has its high and low points. It took me a while to get into the story for a while..but then again I had read other books in between. This is a adventuresome sci-fi trilogy which appears to be REALLY a trilogy with the final book, "Specials." Several kids in my school are already into it and mostly because they got the books on their own. Next year I will promote it more.


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