Sunday, June 24, 2007

Higson, Charlie. SilverFin [Young Bond #1]

Higson, Charlie. SilverFin [Young Bond #1]. Hyperion/Miramax, 2005 [0-7868-3866-3]
This is a series about the growing up of James Bond. (Text is copyrighted by Ian Fleming Publications.) In the first book, James is an orphan who is going to school at Eton and runs into a bully rich kid. On his vacation, James goes to Scotland and again runs into the rich kid an his father who has fixed up an old castle and is doing something strange there. James and a friend investigate the disappearance of a local boy and end up at the castle where the rich kid's father appears to be a maniacal scientist with a horrible plan. This 335 page book is a great and thrilling adventure story which takes place in that calm period between World War I and II. There is at least another book in the series and I can't wait to read it. I had not hear of this book until one of my students asked me to purchase it. I always listen to recommendations.


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