Sunday, June 24, 2007

Taylor, Theodore. Billy the Kid

Taylor, Theodore. Billy the Kid. Harcourt, 2005 [0-15-204930-4]
Billy "the Kid" Bonny was sitting outside a saloon one day and he gets involved in a argument with a father and two sons, one of which Billy wounds. Before long they are teamed together to rob a train. After the train robbery the sheriff goes after them and the sheriff happens to be a childhood friend of Billy. This 208 page book is a good wild west story but I am not sure how many students want to read wild west stories these days. Unfortunately the story is totally made up and not based on anything that happened to Billy the Kid. The author explains in the end notes that he did make up the story because he liked the character of Billy the Kid. I am not sure why an author would call a character by a historical figure's name and then precede to use no facts.... other than to sell books.


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