Sunday, January 01, 2006

Buckley, Michael. The fairy-tale detectives

Buckley, Michael. The fairy-tale detectives [The sister's Grimm: bk 1]. Amulet Books, 2005 [0-8109-5925-9]
Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are suddenly orphans and end up living with a grandmother that they always thought was dead. It turns out she lives in a land where all the fairy-tale characters live. Many years ago the Grimm family negotiated with the locals for the fairy tale characters to live there. Prince Charming is the mayor. One day a giant destroys a farmer's house and Sabrina and Daphne accompany their grandmother to solve the case. This 284 page book is a fun adventure while the trio tries to stop the giant and to figure out why he went on a rampage. This is a fun book for kids who know the usual Grimm fairy-tale characters. If they don't, they won' t catch the charm of the book.


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