Sunday, November 20, 2005

Salisbury, Graham. Lord of the deep

Salisbury, Graham. Lord of the deep. Laurel-Leaf, 2003 [0-440-22911-1]
Mikey lives with his mom and his step-dad, Bill, who he greatly admires. He is now 13 and can go out with Bill on his charter boat. Bill is known as the best charter boat skipper on the islands. The first trip Mikey goes on Bill has two high-roller clients who want to catch big fish. Mikey sees how his beloved step father is treated by these high-paying clients. Can teenager Mikey understand what the pressures luring more clients lead Bill to do? This 182 page book explores youthful idealism and how it may clash with honesty, reality and money.


Anonymous Anthony Loyons-Walker said...

this book is the best book that I have ever read in my life!Thank you for writing this incredible book.

5:43 PM  

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