Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sleator, William. The boy who couldn't die

Sleator, William. The boy who couldn't die. Harry Abrams, 2004 [0-8109-4284-9]

After his best friend Ken dies in a plane crash, Ken decides that he will not die. He goes to a lady who performs black magic on him so he will not die. To test it out he travels to the Caribbean where he swims with sharks. There he meets a girl who understands him and the voodoo magic and convinces him he has to get the spell uncast. Ken realizes that while he sleeps, the lady who cast the spell has control over him and has him kill people. On the trip to recover his soul, they begin an adventure where they run travel to get back Ken's soul and run into other undead people. This is a great suspense tale and also a discussion starter but you must beware that there is discussion of black magic in this 162 page book.


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