Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Paolini, Christopher. Eldest

Paolini, Christopher. Eldest. Knopf, 2005 [0-375-82670-x]
In book two of this series Eragon, the young rider and his dragon go north for training. Meanwhile his cousin, still in their hometown tries to defend the village against the Empire and the dreaded Ra'zac. They end up leaving the village heading south we the entire village along with Eragon, his dragon Saphria, the dwarfs and other characters try to fight off the terrible King Galbatorix. Will the king be able to stop the resistance? Will Eragon and Saphira escape? This is a VERY meaty fantasy..680 pages of difficult reading. I had to stop and look up words in the dictionary. For your high level readers who like high fantasy, this trilogy is for them! Thank God it has a defined number of books. I hate endless series. (After another series of big books.. kids will pick up thick books now.) By the way.. a movie is under production as we speak. I always like to see how dragons are visualized in book illustrations and movies.


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