Sunday, February 08, 2009

Grey, Christopher. Leonardo's shadow.

Grey, Christopher. Leonardo's shadow. Atheneum, 2006 [978-1-4169-0543-1 // 1-4169-0543-X]
This is the story of Giacomo, Leonardo's servant (he really had a servant by this name.) The story takes place in Milan during the time when Leonardo was painting "The Last Supper." Not only does the reader get some fascinating facts and insights about Leonardo, he/she also learns what it was like to be a servant during that time. It was interesting to read how in debt Leonardo was and now his servant got people to pay to be painted in "The Last Supper." The reader gets some insight as to the personality of Leonardo in this 390 page book. It is a good piece of historical fiction along with being a good story. It was interesting to me how I had confused some things about Leonardo and Michelangelo. They were competing artists in the same time period. There are some historical notes at the end of the book.


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