Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bolger, Kevin. Sir Fartsalot hunts the Booger

Bolger, Kevin. Sir Fartsalot hunts the Booger.Razor Bill, 2008 [978-1-59514-176-7]
The story opens in the Kingdom Armpit where King Reginald has a son, Prince Harry who likes to play practical jokes. Enter Sir Fartsalot who is trying to solve the riddle of the foul wind that turns up whenever danger is around. The King decides that Prince Harry needs a real life so he sends him off with Sir Fartsalot. Harry immediately convinces Sir Fartsalot that he should be in search of the terrible Booger. The rest of this 214 page book is an adventure of these two plus Sir Knotaclew. The names and places are silly... just what upper elementary and middle school kids like, but the story line is quite good with a surprise ending. This is a fun book for your collection... they all don't need to be "A Catcher in the Rye."


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