Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Yep, Laurence. Dragon Road

Yep, Laurence. Dragon Road. HarperCollins, 2008 [978-0-06-027521-1]
This is part of the Golden Mountain series which follows the Young family from 1849 through 1995. It is now 1939 and Cal and Barney are basketball "sharks." To make money to survive in the Depression, they pretend they can't play basketball and then scam a bet and always win the game. This keeps them alive but is not a life until they meet a guy who is setting up a traveling exhibition Asian basketball team. They travel around the country, making a name for themselves and even a little money for themselves. Will Cal ever get back to Chinatown and say what he really feels for his girl friend who has been left caring for his alcoholic father. This 290 page book is a good sports story, historical story, and a story of prejudice in 1939. I like Mr. Yep's books. NOTE: This book is loosely based on an actual Asian traveling team of the time. There is a short bibliography at the end of the book for students with further interest in the team.


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