Saturday, May 16, 2009

Riordan, Rick. The last Olympian [Percy Jackson #5]

Riordan, Rick. The last Olympian [Percy Jackson #5]. Hyperion, 2009 [978-1423101475]
Percy the other characters from Camp Half-Blood and the other Olympians, prepare to do battle against Kronos/Luke, the Titans and his forces. Much of the book deals with minor skirmishes and the lead-up to the final battle. Not until the final battle do things get serious and the reader begins to feel that the Olympians may actually loose. Will Mount Olympus (on the 600th floor of the Empire State building) fall? Will the prophecy some true about Percy? If the previous books didn't this one will make the reader look up more about Greek Mythology. All the characters are involved in this war! This 381 page book is a fitting end to this series. the author states at the end.. it is the end of the first Half-Blood series. So get ready for more. This is an exciting and well-written series.


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