Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mourlevat, Jean-Claude. The pull of the ocean

Mourlevat, Jean-Claude. The pull of the ocean. Delacorte, 2006 [0-385-73348-8]
Yann is a mute midget who has six brothers who are all twins. Yann is able to communicate with them although he can not speak. They live with a crude, poor family and one night Yann wakes them all up scared that their parents want to kill them all so he leads them out into the night, away from the house, to the ocean. A social worker who has been concerned about the family calls and reports the missing children. What follows is an unusual journey across the country, when the kids meet various people and run into different problems. This 190 page book is unusual so say the least. I am not sure what I think of it... I did get wrapped up in the story but am not sure everyone would. Maybe it lost something in the translation from French.


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