Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Korman, Gordon. Born to rock

Korman, Gordon. Born to rock. Hyperion, 2006 [0-7868-0920-5]
Leo, a HS senior, found out several years ago by looking at his birth certificate, that his biological father was one of the founders of the punk rock movement. A bit of contrast here since Leo is a conservative guy, president of The Young Republicans at school. His best friend is Melinda, a girl he grew up with who is a punk rock fan. When Leo loses his scholarship to Harvard, he realizes the only way to get the needed money is to meet his biological father. That leads to him going on tour with his biological father. It is one crazy summer. Leo sees a lot, and learns who his real friends are. The punk rock star also learns some things too which is evident at the surprise ending to this fun multi-dimensional 261 page book. Gordon Korman is one of my favorite authors for the middle school. It is a shame he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. His Interflux books are great and my all time favorite is "A semester in the life of a garbage bag."


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