Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paolini, Christopher. Brisingr [Interitance #3]

Paolini, Christopher. Brisingr [Inheritance #3]. Knopf, 2008 [978-0375-82672-6]
This third book in the series gets back to the feel of the first one (I did not like #2.) The Varden now are at war with the Empire. Roran, Eragon's cousin, asks him to marry him and his love. Then Roran goes off to war where he has his ups and downs under various commanders. Eragon and Sophia must go on an adventure where must visit the elves and dwarfs to gather their support for the war. While there he finally gets his own sword made. This 763 page book is a lot of reading but holds the readers attention as the first book did. It is strange how I notice this in many series that book 2 is not as good as book 1 and 3. This series which was to be a trilogy, will have a fourth book to finish it (so says the author.)


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