Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nixon, Joan Lowery. Nightmare

Nixon, Joan Lowery. Nightmare. Delacorte, 2003 [0-385-73026-8]
Emily has had nightmares for a long time about a dead body. She will not tell anyone what they are about. Her parents only know she has nightmares. Her parents send her to a camp one summer to help her with her grades and strange things start happening. Could someone be trying to kill Emily? Does it have something to do with her nightmares? Once again Lowery has written a great suspense story. The only thing that seemed strange to me (unless I missed something) is how Emily ends up going to a camp where the murderer (in her dreams) happens to work. Besides that, it is a great story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have read this book... and surprisingly it was a really good book. It was a h eart-pumping horror, but it was so serial. i would recommend this book to anyone 12 and up!

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