Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Llewellyn, Sam. Little Darlings

Llewellyn, Sam. Little Darlings. Razor Bill, 2004 [1-59514-066-2]
The Darlings are three children from a very rich family. Their parents don't want to deal with their evil antics so the children are raised by nannies. A new nanny arrives only to case out the home and rob it and the kids decide to steal her Jaguar. Unfortunately she comes out while the kids are still in the back seat and end up going away with her. The nanny is part of an criminal organization involved in a crazy scheme which is contrary to another criminal group. There are all kinds of antics and the children, fed up with their home end up helping the nanny and her group. This 284 page book has a "Series of Unfortunate Events" feel. The author is British so there are a lot of "Britishisms." If the reader can get past that, it is an enjoyable read.


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