Sunday, April 24, 2005

St. Jean, Alan. Aidan of Oren: the journey begins

St. Jean, Alan. Aidan of Oren: the journey begins._Moo Press, 2004 [0-9724853-5-x]
When Aiden turns 13 he slowly realizes that he is the hero that the old legends speak of. With the blessing of his Grandmother, he heads off with two friends to find the elves who will know how to find the guardians and together they will be able to end the war of their world. This 206 page book is an exciting adventure story with delightful illustrations. The writing has many short sentences and I feel is more appropriate for upper elementary than for middle school. It is the first of a trilogy. While a part of the epic journey is completed in this book... the reader will want to move on to the rest of the books which are not published yet.


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