Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lawrence. Iain. Gemini summer

Lawrence. Iain. Gemini summer. Delacorte, 2006 [0-385-90111-9 // 978-0385-90111-6]

It was the summer of 1965 when Danny and Beau’s father began digging in the front yard. Beau was crazy about space travel and rockets. One day there is a terrible accident when Beau falls in the ditch and dies. Was it an accident? The death is difficult for the whole family but Danny takes his brother’s death especially hard and only starts to recover when he adopts a stray dog in which he starts to see his brother. Danny takes the dog and runs off to see a Gemini launch in Florida. This 258 page book is a touching story about brotherly love and recovering from a tragedy. I enjoyed the story except that I felt the writer wanted the reader to begin to believe Beau was really in the dog. This changed the very nature of the book. Maybe Danny is just imaging things, but there are an awful lot coincidences.


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